Speakman handheld shower head reviews

Speakman is a leading company of high quality shower items, emergency efficient equipment, and plumbing products. They have been in existence since 1869, and over the decades, Speakman maintained a small number of people working for them in order to make sure that they can focus on what their company does best. The company is dedicated to creating innovative handheld shower heads that are designed with extreme comfort and flexibility in mind for the users.

There are other companies like Speakman that are manufacturing handheld shower heads, but Speakman has always maintained to stay on top of their game, designing and creating handheld shower heads that are excellent in their functionality, highly useful, and convenient to use in a house’s bathroom, or in a hotel. What makes them successful is their drive to make products that will make a significant difference.

Handheld shower heads by Speakman

There are different handheld shower heads that the company Speakman had created, and all of them are great. The company continues to grow, learn from the modern technology, and update their products to provide the best service for their valued customers. Among the many handheld shower heads that Speakman manufactured, the three best and favored are the following:

Speakman VS-114-BN 2-Way Shower Diverter In Brushed Nickel

Diverter designed for fixed and handheld shower heads, with a handle that can turn 90 degrees, and has a 5-year warranty. This product is the top choice for customers. The users will have the convenience to change between the fixed and the handheld shower heads without needing to get up or process the switch manually.

Speakman VS-3010 Neo Anystream High Pressure Handheld Shower

This product contains five adjustable nozzles with twelve center pulsating jets that produce 50 sprays. It also has a 60” metal shower hose that has a vacuum breaker and an integrated bracket, and self-cleaning nozzles. This lightweight product is suitable for everyone, especially the elderly people who do not have the 100% strength to handle bathing as they used to in their young age.

Speakman VS-233011 Alexandria 2-Way Shower Combination

This product is composed of double showers for both handheld and fixed shower heads. With the 60” metal hose that is tangle-free, the users have the freedom of mobility and reduce the risk of falling or tripping. The multipurpose and heavenly water streaming can be enjoyed with either the fixed or the handheld shower heads.

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