Best handheld shower heads for the elderly

The elderly people have special needs that require attention. They are not fully capable of doing what they used to do in their younger years, and even a simple chore of bathing is quite difficult for them, especially if they have medical health problems.

Specially designed handheld shower heads

Even at an old age, the elderly needs to shower, and it is best if when they do, they are comfortable. There are handheld shower heads that are specially designed for an elderly person, since they lack the flexibility and mobility to move around in the shower room and adjust water temperatures, or adjust the regular shower heads. And using these shower heads, they can reach and wash areas that are hard for them to reach.

Features of the best handheld showerheads

There are numerous handheld showerheads available in the market, but it is crucial to choose the best ones that are designed for the elderly. They may cost more than the regular products, but when the safety of an elderly loved one is at stake, money should not be a problem.

Long cord

Handheld showerhead with a long cord of around 50” to 72” is needed in order for the elderly person to have the freedom to move the showerhead around without worrying about adjusting the body to accommodate the length.

No-kink hose

To prevent a tripping hazard, it’s important that the hose is free from kinking. If the hose gets tangled, the elderly will need to bend, untangle the hose, or lean over, and that may cause a fall.

Slide tubes

Slide tube is a great feature that allows the handheld showerhead to vertically move up and down, and the elderly can choose where to position it, giving freedom to shower in a sitting or standing position without hassle.

Easy Operation

The best handheld showerhead has a diverter switch on the showerhead, which will make it convenient for the elderly to turn on and off the shower without reaching for the regular switch.

Changeable sprays

The elderly people have thin and sensitive skin, and it is great of they can vary the stream of water.


The strength of the elderly had weakened, and it is significant to have a handheld showerhead that is not heavy.

Water saving pause

The water streaming slows down if there is no movement, which is convenient, no need to turn off while shampooing/soaping

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